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5 March
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i love hearts. i get nervous easily. i'm clumsy. i trip over my feet & air constantly. i'm forgetful. i can't remember my friends' birthdays for anything. i'm the farthest thing from being book-smart . i never did memorize my all of my times-tables nor can i say my abc's backwards. i can't sing yet i love too & at the top of my lungs at that. twirly straws make me happy.i'm sensitive. disney movies still are my favorite. i'm seventeen but i like to act half my age. i laugh like a broke-down lawn mower. having nightmares is my worst enenmy. i tell people when i have to go pee. i like the best of both worlds.i like some one who can hold a conversation.i like guys with tattoos and piercings.i prefer some one who's either goin to school or has a job.music is amazing & alyssa is my name ;]